Network Support

  • CISCO support – Certified team of network engineers manages a large array of Cisco devices at our client’s offices and data centres.
  • Data centre support – Wide range of data centre services including racking, stacking, cabling, installation, hardware upgrading, troubleshooting.
  • Remote network support – Network device configuration, troubleshooting, upgrading and maintenance.


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Our story

ADincorporate started in 2014. By the end of 2016 number of our workforce reached 1000 IT technicians. In 2017 our growth rate was 300% and reached over 3000 technicians. By 2019 we have over 4000 IT technicians in our database.

We believe the base of our success is our dedication to each and every single project no matter of the size and duration. Both our technicians and recruiters are loyal and dedicative to their work which keeps our clients happy and contributes to our rapid growth.

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