About Us

Ireland based ADincorporate provides wide range of IT services, covering over 70 countries with the current workforce network of over 4000 IT technicians and engineers. Our end clients are insurance companies, banks, financial institutions, law firms, film studios, pharmaceutical companies, tech companies, telecommunication companies and small offices. Our extensive network of L1, L2, L3 Helpdesk and network technicians are spread all over the world covering most major locations. Our project management team handles every project with care, ensures all projects are delivered successfully and all our clients are happy. Our services include onsite/remote support, Cisco support, data centre support, roll outs, break fix, hardware installation, cabling and FTEs. We take pride in our consistent quality of service, dedication, operational flexibility and short delivery time.


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Our story

ADincorporate started in 2014. By the end of 2016 number of our workforce reached 1000 IT technicians. In 2017 our growth rate was 300% and reached over 3000 technicians. By 2019 we have over 4000 IT technicians in our database.

We believe the base of our success is our dedication to each and every single project no matter of the size and duration. Both our technicians and recruiters are loyal and dedicative to their work which keeps our clients happy and contributes to our rapid growth.

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